Neck pain

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Neck pain is a general term used to describe pain that is focused in the neck. Typical causes include whiplash, but there are many other causes of neck pain. The neck is a highly sensitive and complex structure, so is particularly vulnerable to injury. As with pain in any other part of the back, the pain may be caused by damage to tissues including bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, or the "discs" of the spine. This damage may cause irritation and inflammation, which can be experienced as pain.

The blood vessels in the neck supply and drain the brain, so it is important for healthcare practitioners to ensure that the patient's neck pain doesn't indicate that something more serious is going on. If you visit your osteopath complaining of neck pain, they may ask all sorts of questions about problems that might seem completely unrelated -- this is part of the screening process to ensure that your neck pain is mechanical, and that osteopathy is appropriate. For instance, the nerves that supply the arms originate in the neck, so your osteopath may ask about any tingling in your fingers, or weakness in your hands.

Some practitioners may mobilise or manipulate the neck, if it's appropriate to do so. If you don't want this to happen, your osteopath will always ask for your consent, and you are always welcome to decline. Other treatment methods are available.

Some neck pain may not respond to manual treatment, and may require injection or surgery. These options are usually considered a final resort, and are only pursued in more serious cases. Always ask your healthcare practitioner about the risks and benefits of any treatments, and make sure you understand your options.

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