Knee pain

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Knee pain is a general term that refers to pain in and around the knee joint. It may be caused by many factors. Often there is an injury that the patient is well-aware of, and this will typically be accompanied by swelling and pain in the knee. Injuries can include dislocation of the kneecap (the "patella"), ligament sprains, muscles strains, and tearing of the menisci which are often referred to as the "shock absorbers" of the knee.

However sometimes the knee may slowly start hurting for no apparent reason. If this pain is at the front of the knee, it is often called "patello-femoral pain syndrome", since the patient usually describes the pain as being under the patella, which rests on the front of the femur (the thigh bone). Other causes of long-term and gradual knee pain include arthritis.

Runners are likely to be familiar with "ilio-tibial band" disorder. This thick band of tissue runs up from the knee on the outside of the thigh, all the way up to the hip. It is also connected deep inside the thigh to the femur, and provides an anchor for the big muscles of the thigh. Ilio-tibial band disorder is often treated by painful deep rubbing and massage -- although this has been shown to have minimal effect! If you have pain on the outer side of your knee, contact your osteopath for a thorough examination.

There can be many other causes of knee pain, and it is always a good idea to have a healthcare professional inspect your knee if you are in pain. Ensure you are given a clear diagnosis, and that you understand what treatment options are available. Always ask if you are unsure.

Knee pain often responds very well to alteration in your activities, and to manual therapies such as osteopathy. In some cases, injections or surgery are appropriate, although these are usually the last option.

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